Wednesday, March 31


This is the only picture i took today

J trying to fix my MacBook power cord

Turns out it couldn't be fixed...and i was without a computer until now (April 12)!

As Cutie Face says:


Tuesday, March 30


ohh Trader Joe's {soy} Corn Dogs....

how Cutie Face loves thee

what a novelty!

{oooo i edited it! and i think i like the SOOC better...but you be the judge!}

Monday, March 29


My heart just flutters...can't get enough!

Sunday, March 28

i ❤ faces: Dramatic B&W

Dramatic Black and White? Hmmm...Well, I don't know if this picture would exactly be considered dramatic but i do love the rainy sky and the suspense a 16-month old creates as she climbs up (wet) steps (yikes!)

be sure to visit i ❤ faces to see others' takes on this week's challenge!


She's getting (scarily) more & more independent every day

Saturday, March 27

Friday, March 26



i did get a new camera! Can you tell by the quality?

Still no time to edit but the SOOC is a marked improvement!


Thursday, March 25


because sometimes TWO

is better than ONE

i had to do 2 pictures from today!

Wednesday, March 24


A cousin/bunny photo-op at a local toystore...complete with a petting zoo.

Cutie Face wasn't too sure about it but we thought it was cute.

sadly, the baby girls couldn't make it into the photo because they're not sitters yet :(

Tuesday, March 23


We visited a new playground today! Tunnels were a HUGE hit.

Monday, March 22


Bath time for Cutie Cakes with the ever-helpful Cutie Face!

Sunday, March 21


my 3 faves

i ❤ faces: Angles

I remember the days when I would read about the upcoming week's i ❤ faces challenge and strive to capture the theme perfectly.

Now, with babe #2, I barely enter let alone devote an hour trying to get the perfect pic for the weekly challenge!

Thankfully, though, back in February (when my DSLR was actually working) I took a few fun photos that were surprisingly well suited for this week's "Focusing on Angles" theme.

I WANTED to chose this post as this week's entry (see it here if you'd like!) but the photographer's son, aka J, aka my husband, helped me choose this picture from another previous post instead.

I can't wait to see everyone else's take on the angle challenge.
To see more entries, head on over to i ❤ faces today!

Saturday, March 20


Baby Diva on our way to the ING marathon Expo.

and so begins a 9-day catch up on this photo blog--all images you see will be the SOOC (straight out of the camera) so that i'm guaranteed to get these up quickly :)

Friday, March 19



...cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town...
child, take your time because it won't be long now
...til you drag your feet just to slow the circle down...

couldn't help but recite my fave Joni Mitchell song: "Circle Game"

Thursday, March 18


Nappy Chums

My mom took the photo, Picnik & I edited it

we LOVED getting together with all the cousins and Mimi & Poppy today

of course we had to have a Diaper Shops photo shoot for their monthly photo contest!

Wednesday, March 17


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Birthday Papa!

Tuesday, March 16



Really it should just be called:

"Consume as many grapes as you can in one hour"

Monday, March 15


Did i over-Picnik her eyes?


But i'm seriously lovin' that she has blue eyes...

Cutie Face and I have brown eyes so it's fun to see some color!

PS Yes, I've missed a whole week AGAIN. I'll be back soon, promise.

the good news is, I'm all caught up on my Google Reader (read: I marked all as read)

So that means i might as well start posting my own things...right?

Sunday, March 14


Because this is seriously the only picture we (aka J) took all day.

Saturday, March 13


the storms continued today (Saturday)


there was hope in the form of a rainbow...

that looks superimposed but it's real we promise!

Friday, March 12


On our way to dinner....there was a crazy storm a'brewin'

i kind of think the graininess of an iPhone camera adds something to this picture

Thursday, March 11



never were there such devoted sisters

Wednesday, March 10


Our sleeping beauty

who sleeps during the day

but not at night

we're implementing Baby Wise....


Tuesday, March 9


Oh the joys of early spring!

Nice weather calls for outside adventures which most definitely requires at least two trips to another two nearby parks!

Monday, March 8


1 run
1 doctor's appt
1 walk
2 parks


makes for a tired Cutie Cakes!

saddest thing ever:

this is the last {full} day we had Cutie Cake's special blankie made by HER Great-Grandma

Sunday, March 7


Such a little helper!

I pray Cutie Cakes can appreciate her big sister's desire to help as much as I do...
& that Cutie Face continues to enjoy her little sister & is never (ha!) annoyed by her

Saturday, March 6


Happy One Month, Cutie Cakes

or as Daddy affectionately calls you: Prime Minister, lil ol' man, &/or Churchill

Friday, March 5


Who can believe it?

Lil' Miss turned TWO today!

Thursday, March 4


This post starts a week's worth of catch up


a week of all iPhone captured photos...woohoo enjoy the professionalism :)

Cutie Face loves washing her hands...

she just hates being interrupted by my photography

Wednesday, March 3


trying to capture an Apple Cheeks diaper picture...
sadly Cutie Face is too fast for my point & shoot...


there's more!

since i couldn't decide on just one picture today,
here is one of Cutie Cakes...SITTING in the bumbo (as requested by Cutie Face)

Tuesday, March 2


Cutie Cakes looking cute during naptime...
the only time we were home between a trip to Mimi's and playgroup!

Monday, March 1


first time in the DOUBLE Baby Jogger!

sorry for the far from innovated picture taking

not so inspired without the DSLR :(