Monday, April 25

i{heart}faces: pets

Thankfully, Grandma's puppy is much more social than our kitties

The girls LOVE the attention from a pet 
i think the feeling is mutual

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Sunday, April 10

i{heart}faces: shadows

I promise i'm still taking photos and editing them

i'm just getting lazy about the actual posting of them

But it seems i cannot resist posting for

the weekly iheartfaces contest!

Speaking of not having time, I didn't have time to pursue a really cool SHADOWS shot

i've seen some spectacularly creative photographs out there already.


It will be worth just a bit of your time 
(sense the theme?!)
to check out more entries after you're done visiting here!

(Photograph taken in the early morning hours following a City Camp overnight)

edited to add:

can you believe it?!

Saturday, April 2

i{heart}faces: Best Face Photo (March)

So, really, this is just an iPhone photo

the quality is poor

the colors are off

but i totally love it
(look for the surprise at the bottom)

i mean really!

That kiddo cracks me up!

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