Monday, February 28

i{heart}faces: NO faces!

No Faces?

guess it's iheartfeetandhands week!

for more face-free photos, check out iheartfaces this week!

59/365 (2011)

coffee ship

appropriately named 



very messy

very fun

Bagel snack after doctor's

super special treat

Sunday, February 27

Saturday, February 26

57/365 (2011)

hanging out with 2

very well-behaved


was  fun change of pace!

Friday, February 25

56/365 (2011)

i mean, really

i can't get enough


Thursday, February 24

55/365 (2011)


she *finally* fell asleep after a long 

(drawn out, toddler tantrum)

long time

but she made me pinky swear i'd wake her up

in time to watch Curious George

I held up my end of the bargain...

she just kept on sleeping!

Wednesday, February 23

54/365 (2011)




all things girly and fun?


Tuesday, February 22

53/365 (2011)


too bad this railroad crossing stop

lasted 15-minutes!

Monday, February 21

52/365 (2011)

Zoo run!

+ photoshoot

i've always wanted to capture the girls in the Krog tunnel

while they stayed in the jogger, it was still a fun quickie shoot!

Sunday, February 20

51/365 (2011)

sneaky sneak

she loves to crawl up the stairs

but she definitely plays coy

because she knows climbing stairs without mommy

is a big NO-NO

(still couldn't help but get the camera out, though, could i?)

i{heart}faces: phone!

you know that i love snapping pictures with my iPhone

In fact, quite a few of my iheartfaces entries
have been taken by my trusty sidekick

The poor phone has taken a beating, been dropped way too many times to count (and some of those times directly into water (yeah...)). Because of all it has suffered, i'm afraid that its camera phone quality has suffered quite a bit as well. 

Thank goodness for picnik!
it can make just about any photo iheartfaces worthy!

for more pictures snapped by phones, visit iheartfaces this week!

Saturday, February 19

50/365 (2011)

Came to serve

the inner-city youth of Atlanta

turns out they served me

and especially doted on my kiddos.

Friday, February 18

49/365 (2011)

reinstating mommy-daughter-date

Friday mornings


one of my favorite times of the week.

also, introducing...


the girls cannot get enough!

Thursday, February 17

48/365 (2011)

frozen yogurt


post-LONG run

Wednesday, February 16

47/365 (2011)

Free tickets to the GaTech game

The way they're playing, you can hardly give these tickets away!

don't tell that to this cheerleader, though.

Tuesday, February 15


we're loving the water table over here

thank goodness

the Cuties have rainboots

and the weather is cooperating!

Monday, February 14

45/365 (2011)

Valentine's Day partay!

little cutie tagged along

Sunday, February 13

44/365 (2011)

a picnik editing gone awry

but it's still cute!

Saturday, February 12

43/365 (2011)

Valentine's Day treats with Mimi!

Friday, February 11

42/365 (2011)

Uncle Mountain Man rescues a birthday balloon from the rafters...

with a squeegee mop...

that's how we roll

Thursday, February 10

41/365 (2011)

eeek! she is getting sooo grown up!

Wednesday, February 9

40/365 (2011)

Meet Cutie Face's new BFF...


PS Yes

we are often caught wearing the same outfit two days in a row

(but it's just so cute!)

Tuesday, February 8

39/365 (2011)

The original Cutie Face

is 2 and a HALF!

cause for celebration!

Monday, February 7

38/365 (2011)

Turns out the birthday girl had a double ear infection

thank goodness Grandma was there to distract and entertain!

Sunday, February 6


It's official

She can eat at the "big girl table"

this girl is ONE!

Saturday, February 5

36/365 (2011)


The littlest Cutie turns ONE tomorrow!

Friday, February 4

35/365 (2011)

It's Valentine's Day card making time!

Thursday, February 3

34/365 (2011)

Reading with Grammy

special moments indeed!

Wednesday, February 2

33/365 (2011)

Her first chore:

feeding the kitties

she takes it very seriously

and does a great job!

Tuesday, February 1


watch out!

she's driving without a license...