Sunday, February 28


I have barely taken any pictures since my DSLR (the Lumix) departed.


At least I have a decent shot of Cutie Face breakfasting with Aunty Hunny!

we will miss you Hunny!

Saturday, February 27


the girls and i went to the park after they BOTH boycotted naptime.

thankfully Cutie Cakes fell asleep shortly after hitting the stroller...

and that provided plenty of entertainment for Cutie Face!

Friday, February 26


We went to Zoo Atlanta with Aunty Hunny today!

Cutie Face tried out being a meerkat...clearly, she thought it was fun!

Thursday, February 25


Because this is what real life looks like for us right now...

Cutie Face in Cutie Cakes' carseat...and vice versa

Nose running

Baby drooling

Chaotic life

all captured on an iPhone

while waiting for Aunty Hunny to get out of the hair salon

ahh life's new joys and trials! so different when you're a mommy!

Wednesday, February 24


On a walk and bike with Aunty Hunny

wearing new shoes (running shoes like her mama!) and new jeans!

Cutie Face is growing up...

Tuesday, February 23


First bathtime for the babe!

Thanks to Aunty Hunny for snapping the pictures!

i ❤ faces: Hands-On Fun!

oh my who can believe it? Certainly not me! I'm entering the i faces photo contest this week.

You'd think i'd have a newborn/daddy hand shot.

Nope. not me.

Instead I'm still concentrating on the first born (poor newborn--she really does have a lot of shots--just not anything cute or creative...yet!)

A couple of days ago we had beautiful weather so we went to go feed the duckies.

They loved it,

Cutie Face loved it,

and i hope you love it :-o

Check out more hands-on fun at i ❤ faces today!

Monday, February 22


My camera is

thankfully my sis-in-law was here to capture a meeting of blog friends

I LOVED meeting you Lauren!

Sunday, February 21


Aunty Hunny meets Cutie Cakes for the first time...

and spends lots of bonding time with her!

Too many pictures?


is it possible to have too many pictures?

well my computer certainly thinks so!

Running slower than molasses on a cold day


the fact that my camera won't turn on (? weird ?)


my fabulous in-laws are in town


no blogging for a bit.

See you soon!

*not sure why egad popped into my head but j just had to use it!

Saturday, February 20


Another fabulous spring-like day...

J enjoyed taking lunch outside with his New Yorker while both girls slept...

and while I snuck a few pics of J when he wasn't looking

Friday, February 19


this is where cutie face spends the majority of her day

in and out, in and out of Cutie Cake's carseat
(aka the "Rock-arh")


Thursday, February 18


We ran around outside AGAIN today after dinner.
SO nice--almost like Spring!

Wednesday, February 17


YAY! We played outside today!
Temps in Atlanta have been unseasonably C-O-L-D
so the fact that it was warm (in the sun) made for a glorious day in our household!

Tuesday, February 16


Photo Shoot: Day 1

I'm working on Cutie Cakes' birth announcement...

hopefully Day 2 will yield a few more sleepy shots!

Monday, February 15


The cats came back!
After living the high life with my parents for almost two years,
we are finally claiming the kitties as our own again!

Welcome home Churchill & Maggie!

Sunday, February 14


Cutie Cakes' first Sunday service...

we hung out in the back in case she got fussy...

Saturday, February 13


Cutie Cakes was just lying on our bed like this when I came into our room...
{don't worry, J was in there with her!}

I couldn't resist holding an impromptu photoshoot!

Friday, February 12



need I say more?

Thursday, February 11


Thanks to Mimi, Cutie Cakes and I were able to go to her first well-checkup,
just the two of us

Sadly, i only had my iPhone to snap the historic moment...
and then i accidentally deleted my favorite one.

Wednesday, February 10


Sometimes Baby Signing Time can be a bit...


Thanks to the twin and her sweet girls for coming down to spend our birthday together!

Tuesday, February 9


Trying out the Baby Einstein Playmat for the first time.
Sophie the Giraffe saved the day.

Monday, February 8


We're going home!
okay...actually, we are home now (YAY!)

and clearly i did not take this picture


i felt like it was the perfect representative of today--
how excited we were to finally be headed home

Sunday, February 7


Because this blog is dominated by pictures of Cutie Face, I thought it was time for Cutie Cakes* to get her own billing today...

*Cutie Cakes is our attempted blog moniker for C#2. Be prepared--it might change

Saturday, February 6


She's here!!! And we are all super excited!

Friday, February 5


Well if this 36 day post is any indicator, then this year is almost 1/10 over! Whoa!

Time to start practicing our Valentine's Day Cards!

Thursday, February 4


Mimi and Poppy babysat for Cutie Face tonight
so that J and I could have a last-ditch date night before Cutie Face #2 makes her appearance

(umm, #2, feel free to arrive at any moment...thank you, your uncomfortable Mama)

PS When we ask Cutie Face where to put her sticker she says "nose"...hence the picture

Wednesday, February 3


Lots of pictures from what we DID today but this is my favorite portrait...

Shameless Plug

Sorry if you are seeing this post again but I really want to win :-p

so here goes!


A long time ago, little Cutie Face was professionally photographed by one of my fave photographers, Jen Giambalvo of At First Sight Photography.

Jen is generously giving away a free photo session on her Facebook page to the picture that gets the most votes. This picture of Cutie Face is 1 of 9 entered. So she has a good chance to win!

I'd absolutely love it if you'd vote for it by leaving a comment AND "liking" it!

Just click on the picture and you'll be good to go!

This link will take you to the contest page, too!

Thanks so much!!!

Tuesday, February 2


Cutie Face wants everyone to know that at least the Puppy did NOT see his shadow today

an early spring for Atlanta, perhaps?

Monday, February 1


It was a Target-Ikea-Trader Joe's kind of day (a typical errand run Monday!)

Nothing like eating with your trusty BFF balloon.