Friday, April 30


A lot happened today. 

A lot didn't happen today (read: laundry, cleaning, & blogging). 

But still, we were outside, we had fun, and we made memories--things laundry & cleaning can't accomplish...until we have no clean clothes and are in our eyeballs up to filth. Yup. that could create some very...errr...interesting memories.

Today Cutie Face had a Green Smoothie for lunch at Atlanta's Urban Picnic. It was fun, not messy (yay for bendy straws!) and there were, again, lots AND lots AND lots of pictures to choose from...and one day i'll edit them. 

But for now, here you go...

Thursday, April 29


chilling in the swing...first time ever! 

it was a lot easier putting both of them in swings than holding one and pushing the other...

Wednesday, April 28


don't worry, it's not blood...

it's homemade finger paint

Tuesday, April 27


it was a {plant} nursery day!

J's new passion is our budding veggie garden
so we spent the afternoon whiling away our time at two fun nurseries.
Despite buying veggie plants, I couldn't resist a snap of the flowers!

Monday, April 26


Happy birthday, J/Daddy!

Sunday, April 25


again...SOOOO many pictures that represent our day well 


the little girls aren't seen enough on this blog  
so here they are in all their playtime glory

i ❤ faces: Smiles!

they're a dime a dozen when I'm around my Cuties

SOOO many to choose from

and yet I chose a photo from this weekend:

technically, that's the easy-way-out because then I don't have to look through and agonize over the perfect smile photo out of thousands.

why not visit i ❤ faces this week and smile back at all the great photos!

Saturday, April 24


despite our very busy day, this is the only picture i took

it was RAIN rain RAIN so i was a bit afraid to take the camera outside of the house

Friday, April 23


Cutie Cakes was treated to a day as an only child when my parents took cutie face for the night. 

I think she missed her sister! 

it sure was quiet without her...

Thursday, April 22


SOO many fun photos to choose from our trip to the zoo with the cousins!

Wednesday, April 21


Cutie Face really "gets into" her presents. 

Thanks to KK and Shawna for the great gift!

Tuesday, April 20

Monday, April 19


puzzlin' it out while Mom and Dad watched THE marathon 
(aka, the Boston Marathon)

i ❤ faces: Collage

as anyone who frequents this blog knows, Cutie Face L-O-V-E loves swinging & her blanket

as this collage for this week's i ❤ faces challenge attests

Head on over to i ❤ faces for more collage fun!

Sunday, April 18


What a day for a daydream... 


Sunday newspaper reading

Saturday, April 17


Cutie Cakes is surely getting the short end of the stick because i keep posting pictures of her sister. 


Cutie Face is at the age and stage where her pictures are so full of personality i just have to keep posting pics of her.

Like tonight, at a festival (more on that soon on my other blog), Cutie Face was bound and determined to run up a VERY steep hill. 

She conquered the hill with a toddler's aplomb...and then nearly fell over she was so excited to get to the top!

Friday, April 16

Thursday, April 15


warm happy content

what could be better?

Wednesday, April 14


apparently, my child abhors being messy.

Tuesday, April 13

Monday, April 12

Sunday, April 11


it's okay, cousin, we've got each other

Saturday, April 10


Egg Hunt at playgroup!

Friday, April 9


Zoo day!

BIG mistake--never go to the zoo on a brilliantly spring day (rare here in the ATL!) that also just happens to be the VERY LAST day of spring break.


understatement of the century

Thursday, April 8


most definitely NOT the best photo but i was trying my hardest to be creative and capture the kiddo's face in her bouncer's mirror...i'll have to practice a bit more but not bad!

Wednesday, April 7


Head 'em up, move 'em out! We're back on the road and on the way home!

Of course we had to stop at a McDonald's with a playland to keep the kiddo from going stir crazy in the car. Her lucky day--they were handing out miniature kiddie ice cream cones!

Tuesday, April 6


Because, again, there are too many fun photos to choose from...I'm posting a collage! So much happened today that it was much too hard to choose one photo that i loved and that represented our day...

Monday, April 5


Today we saw my college roommate and her ADORABLE baby boy.

Sadly, no pictures were taken to document the meeting.


I do, however, have a spectacularly cute photo (in my opinion)
of Cutie Cakes conked out on her daddy's knee

Sunday, April 4


Christ the Lord is Risen today!


Cutie Face had two Easter egg hunts today
Cutie Cakes dressed up like a bunny post-church so she gets the shout out :)

Saturday, April 3


Oh SOOOO many FUN fun FUN photos from today!

We met with our college friends and their two ADORABLE kiddos

I want to share ALL of the photos but i guess i'll just have to blog about it over on Cutie Faces to do so! For now, here is one of my faves that represents what we did...the girls entertained each other while we caught up and relished in the fact that our kids were playing together. How cool!

Friday, April 2


More swingin'

more swingin'


{these words were repeated for hours on end while we were staying at Grandma's! Give this girl a swing or some bubbles and she'll love you forever!}

Thursday, April 1


No one can deny it: Cutie Face LOVES bubbles. On our drive from the ATL to Michigan, we stopped at a restaurant we saw on the Travel Channel. It was crazy and fun and a most excellent diversion for the kiddo.

PS Since the powercord just came in today (ie my computer is just now working), I'm updating this blog quickly. ALL IMAGES FROM YESTERDAY-->APRIL 12 ARE UNEDITED AND SOOC!