Thursday, May 27


Loving that sprinkler

Wednesday, May 26

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Sunday, May 23


just call her CRAZY face :)

i ❤ faces: yellow

So I thought that last week's assignment was tricky because of all the flower headband photos i've taken (literally, thousands upon thousands). 


Well, we might not always have a flower in our hair but you can bet your bottom dollar we'll have that yellow blanket right next to us AT ALL TIMES, and, therefore for nearly all pictures.

So you'd think i'd choose a yellow-blanket-photo. 


I chose one taken today of Cutie Cakes.

Yellow makes me happy.

I'm SO happy we have so much yellow in our house.

I'm SO happy we have girls that like yellow.

I'm SO happy that yellow was this week's theme!

For more happy-yellow photos, visit i ❤ faces!

Happy week to you!

Saturday, May 22


baby shower for our sweet friend!

Friday, May 21


lunch at Ikea...


Thursday, May 20


somebody finally came home!

Wednesday, May 19

Tuesday, May 18


anyone have any strawberries? i ate all of mine...

Monday, May 17


perhaps my new all-time fave photo

Sunday, May 16

i ❤ faces: flowers

you'd think since i dress at least one girl up in a flower headband/day that i'd have thousands of photos to choose from.

Actually, therein lies the problem. I have SOOOO many flower headband photos to choose from that i couldn't handle it and only looked at photos from this month. Oh yeah--Much easier. Then I only had 572 photos to choose from (no lie).

So then i just looked at yesterday's photos. And here you have it. It's tough being a flower day-in and day-out...

Now i know you have pictures of people + flowers...

why not enter them today or view more at i ❤ faces?


yeah...been slacking...but i've also been snapping...just not sharing...

thanks for letting me indulge in a little alliteration :(|)

Saturday, May 15


Cutie Face + Churchill

a...err...growing relationship

Friday, May 14


Post-dinner fun with daddy

Thursday, May 13


too many captions running through my head for this one :)

Wednesday, May 12


She's a toddler! supposedly this is the "climbing stage". And i believe it

Monday, May 10


Today was...


two out of the three of us girls were sick and tired...

and the baby was just happy and alert and most definitely NOT tired. 

Such is life :)

thankfully, the toddler was content to watch LOTS of Sesame Street videos (the demanded ones: elmo POTTY, elmo SUN, elmo DUCKS, elmo SLEEPHY), the babe was happy to just get some face time with her mommy and big sister, and I was happy to let them do both :)

Sunday, May 9


Happy Mother's me?

Thanks to J, I finally have a decent photo of the three of us gals.

Saturday, May 8


we'd promised her a "party & a cupcake" the night before

so we had to follow through, right...?

Happy 21-month birthday, Cutie Face! 

We cannot believe you'll be 2 in 3 months...sniff sniff

Friday, May 7


91 degrees today = watering more of Cutie Face than the plants

Good times

Thursday, May 6



How are you 3 months old today?!?!

PS Let it be known that J declared this picture "not the best" of the ones from today but I thought Cutie Cakes HAD to be featured here on her 3-month birthday...stay tuned for a blog post about today on the Cutie Faces blog!

Wednesday, May 5


today was a scorcher

hence the need for fountains

Tuesday, May 4


today we breakfasted outside

Cutie Face was quite fearful of the leaf blower man that we watched from our porch
though she convinced herself that it was "like mommy's vack-oom"
so, in the end, after the tears, it was alright

the fig newton for breakfast had her worried for a bit, too...

Monday, May 3


today, on a super saturated rain soaked deluge of a day, Cutie Face asked to join the Cakes in her crib--she spent nearly 30 minutes in there while I caught up with friends on the phone...(hence the reason this picture is blurred and edited--shooting one handed while refereeing and chatting on the phone is not always the best way to get a decent picture of the day)

I think that Cutie Face will be a great mom. When she isn't in a toddler funk, she's one step ahead of me, fetching passers (read: pacifiers), burp cloths, nursing covers, and rattles for Cutie Cakes. She's attentive, sweet, and loving (if not smothering). And Cutie Cakes certainly lights up when she's around...

Sunday, May 2


Well, believe it or not, I failed to take even one picture today. Whoa. Unprecedented. Not even one on my iPhone. Seriously--how did that happen?

Despite my failings in the still camera department, i found a great replacement for today's post (at least for this doting parent ;-o)...a video. It appears that Cutie Cakes' favorite song is currently, "Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes"--sure to elicit a squeal and big smiles, especially if done with enough gusto. I'd been performing for her for quite a while by the time i busted out the Flip...meaning she was a bit  over it by the time we finished singing. 

Regardless, i know i'll enjoy looking back and seeing how much she's grown and how cute she was!


a fancy thing about the Flip--you can take a still shot!:

PS: excuse the girls' {lack of} attire--
it's 80℉ in our house but we, for some unknown reason, refuse to turn on our AC unit.

Saturday, May 1


Cutie Cakes meets my cousin (in-law)!