Monday, January 31

31/365 (2011)

seems like I spent all of January packing, moving, and recovering...
sadly, the first 31 days of 2011 were not full of snapping great photos or of editing poor ones...

hopefully that can change in February!

Sunday, January 30

Saturday, January 29

29/365 (2011)

knock knock

who's there?

the cutest Cutie Cakes that's who!

Friday, January 28

28/365 (2011)

she's a mile a minute and pretty much  non-stop delightful

we love this "love bug" (get it?!)


Thursday, January 27

27/365 (2011)


i love this sweet little imp girlie

PS Finally a DSLR shot! i promise i'll start editing again soon, too! :)

Wednesday, January 26

26/365 (2011)

Just lounging at Cutie Face's school's playground

playing here helps quell Cutie Cakes' jealousy

just teasing. 

she has no idea that her sister gets to play for 8 hours a week at preschool on this very playground!

Tuesday, January 25

25/365 (2011)

an attempt

at a self-portrait + kids

note: don't attempt right before dinner time.

Monday, January 24

24/365 (2011)

a visit to Mimi & Poppy's house


a ride in the wagon!

Too bad it was the shortest wagon ride ever!

I totally underestimated the frigid wind chill!

Sunday, January 23

23/365 (2011)

A day in the life at church nursery

i love all these kiddos

ESPECIALLY during snack time!

Saturday, January 22

22/365 (2011)

and we're rollin'....rollin'

rollin' down the sidewalk!

Friday, January 21

21/365 (2011)

ORANGE you glad

you didn't have to clean this Cutie up?!

Thursday, January 20

20/365 (2011)


SO important 


Wednesday, January 19

19/365 (2011)

a future mama

the sweetest thing to witness as a mom 
is to see my girls learning already 
to nurture their babies

Tuesday, January 18

18/365 (2011)

A New Bathtub for the Cuties!

Monday, January 17

17/365 (2011)

Yippie Skippy

We got to go out to dinner!

Girls Night Out at The Original El Taco

in honor of Cutie Face's school fundraiser

Good times had by all...

...until the meltdowns started. 

Sunday, January 16

16/365 (2011)

First full day at the new house

quality football watching time with daddy

the boxes can wait!

Saturday, January 15

15/365 (2011) we're really moving....

bye bye old house!

Friday, January 14

14/365 (2011)

We're MOVING!!!

Cutie Cakes is quite enraptured by the idea

...or by herself...

13/365 (2011)

Escape to the Suburbs!

Playtime with the Cousins!

Wednesday, January 12

12/365 (2011)


A treacherous walk to Manuel's was the highlight of the day. 


Tuesday, January 11

11/365 (2011)

Ugh...I'm kind of over this snow, Mama!

a Cutie takes out her pent-up aggression on the snow

i{heart}faces: Smile

Well, it's safe to say that

a loooooong time has passed

since i posted.

i abandoned my 2010 resolution. 

i still took a picture a day

i just never posted it


adding a child and maintaining a somewhat-sane life
no blogging as of late


because the Cuties are still at it

here's our newest
(or not so new)
with her daddy on the beach.

they're a great pair

and they always
make me smile

for more smiles
and to celebrate i{heart}faces being

click on over here:

Monday, January 10

10/365 (2011)

oh my golly!

who can believe?

it snowed in Atlanta!

Really snowed!

Sunday, January 9

09/365 (2011)


plays games

and isn't afraid to be a kid again

and the real kiddos can't get enough of it

Saturday, January 8

08/365 (2011)

Watch Out!

this driving course

is not meant for a

2-year old driver

with a less-than 1-year old passenger!

Friday, January 7


Sunny Days

chasing those clouds away

can't get enough of this crisp wintry weather!

Thursday, January 6

6/365 (2011)

Like Mother,

Like Daughter

Cutie Face takes a picture of her artwork

Wednesday, January 5

5/365 (2011)

Meeting friends

in the Target toy aisle

the best impromptu playdate!

Tuesday, January 4

04/365 (2011)

One-car family

need to exercise


a run to the aquarium

the girls loved it

and so did this mama!

Monday, January 3

03/365 (2011)

hey there,

Cutie Cakes

Happy Face!

{i promise

one day i'll start 

using my Lumix again

too many iPhone photos!}

Sunday, January 2

2/365 (2011)

Back Home!

Lots of Laundry!

Little Miss No-Sleep

loves to help

thanks, kiddo

Saturday, January 1

1/365 (2011)

celebrating the new year

with a long drive back home

and a stop at

what has to be

THE most popular

Cracker Barrel on I-75

Following a BCS Bowl game, that is!