Monday, January 25

i ❤ faces: Texture

I have to make this quick--still no Internet access (boooo) but I was desperate to make an online appearance this week!

Here is my quicky entry--Cutie Face at the beach last month. I loved the texture of the shells and the foamy sea.


  1. Love the textures too, but it is that bathing suit cutness that gets me! Thinking of you lots! Hurry and get the net will you!?

  2. love it Allie! Great photography!

  3. Very cool! WOW, is that beach made up of totally seashells?

    P.S. This is Julia...I had to start another blog (had to go a little more "private" because of crazies).

  4. I love that C wears a flower headband even at the beach... :) Miss you guys!