Tuesday, February 23

i ❤ faces: Hands-On Fun!

oh my who can believe it? Certainly not me! I'm entering the i faces photo contest this week.

You'd think i'd have a newborn/daddy hand shot.

Nope. not me.

Instead I'm still concentrating on the first born (poor newborn--she really does have a lot of shots--just not anything cute or creative...yet!)

A couple of days ago we had beautiful weather so we went to go feed the duckies.

They loved it,

Cutie Face loved it,

and i hope you love it :-o

Check out more hands-on fun at i ❤ faces today!


  1. Oh, I love the angle! Shooting down... very cool! And great capture of the little hands, big hands, and duckie feathers! Well done, Mrs. C... :<)

  2. awwwwww...she is beautiful!! I love the bright colors and the angle of the photo! Great job!

  3. Oh, well I could have found you at I HEART faces this week too! Duh! I just hadn't seen you there in a minute I didn't even look.

    As it is, I can't see the picture in this post. I know it is great though. Every picture you ever take is great.

  4. Great shot! I love feeding the ducks--reminds me of summer!