Sunday, May 2


Well, believe it or not, I failed to take even one picture today. Whoa. Unprecedented. Not even one on my iPhone. Seriously--how did that happen?

Despite my failings in the still camera department, i found a great replacement for today's post (at least for this doting parent ;-o)...a video. It appears that Cutie Cakes' favorite song is currently, "Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes"--sure to elicit a squeal and big smiles, especially if done with enough gusto. I'd been performing for her for quite a while by the time i busted out the Flip...meaning she was a bit  over it by the time we finished singing. 

Regardless, i know i'll enjoy looking back and seeing how much she's grown and how cute she was!


a fancy thing about the Flip--you can take a still shot!:

PS: excuse the girls' {lack of} attire--
it's 80℉ in our house but we, for some unknown reason, refuse to turn on our AC unit.

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  1. This might have been the cutest thing I have seen all year : )