Sunday, May 16

i ❤ faces: flowers

you'd think since i dress at least one girl up in a flower headband/day that i'd have thousands of photos to choose from.

Actually, therein lies the problem. I have SOOOO many flower headband photos to choose from that i couldn't handle it and only looked at photos from this month. Oh yeah--Much easier. Then I only had 572 photos to choose from (no lie).

So then i just looked at yesterday's photos. And here you have it. It's tough being a flower day-in and day-out...

Now i know you have pictures of people + flowers...

why not enter them today or view more at i ❤ faces?


  1. if ONLY I could get my girls to wear those luscious headbands!!

  2. When I saw this theme that is exactly what I thought. I thought you were going to have a zillion pictures to choose from. And I was right : )

  3. I love the colors in this shot--very pretty! :)

  4. GREAT photo! LOVE the flower, love the colors, LOVE the face!

  5. This is just adorable!! I loveee the flower! What a total cutie!!