Monday, January 4


Yet another iPhone picture as I failed to bring my DSLR camera into Ikea with me.

I had to set Cutie Face down to tie my running shoe and the pile of dogs seemed to be the ideal spot to do so.


  1. This is hilarious--and, strangely enough, we went to Ikea on Saturday and have a picture of Lincoln sitting in a bin of stuffed guinea pigs (i know, a strange choice for a stuffed animal...).

  2. Great pic! Sara, from Walk Slowly, live wildly, has a post about using an app on her iphone (you probably already know about it). Check it our here:

  3. OK, so I love it! Really, she looks like she just might be licked to death, and there could be some major trauma from this. BUT, it is now captured on the blog and will be very convenient for the therapist in about 20 years... lol! And dang, it really makes me CRAVE an IPhone!