Tuesday, January 5


Ironies of ironies!

As you may know, Cutie Face broke my camera in November when she accidentally dropped it on a brick floor. Basically, the camera's lens would not close.

This camera then became her "play camera" that I allowed her to "use". She loved it. Yesterday, she left it on her playroom floor and, without realizing it, I sat on it. I heard this strange "crunch" sound and had this horrible feeling that I just broke something. Ironically, the next sound I heard was the camera lens closing. YES. that is right. I fixed the camera by sitting on it.

So now I have three cameras that will be featured on this blog: the iPhone, the Sony Cybershot, and the Panasonic Lumix.

Even more ironic, I set my DSLR camera to a weird setting and don't know how to take it off. So the pictures I took today are really crummy. SO, I'm using my cybershot! Gotta love it.

Sadly, Cutie Face was super sick and cranky and not herself today.
So I took a picture of her sister...in utero!

{This, by the way, should be the longest post I ever write on here. I mainly want this to feature a photo and a brief caption!}


  1. That picture is awesome! How did you get the background to be so dark? What editing program do you use?

  2. I really love this picture! Exciting that you fixed your camera! Gotta love options...I'm currently trying to fish out our old digital camera because Lucas parents took our charger, and our current camera battery is dead...

  3. That is hillarious that you fixed it by sitting on it!!!! Totally cracks me up...and I love love LOVE this shot and might have to totally steal the idea!!!! ;)